• Here is a character development tip I learned from Brandon Sanderson (epic fantasy author): When you choose a character and decide their main function in the story (mentor, best friend, etc.) decide on who the worst person for this role would be and cast that person for it. This will create great conflict and lead […]

  • First drafts don’t have to be perfect, they just have to be written (I am coining that phrase from somewhere that I don’t recall). There was a time I found myself looking over each chapter a couple of times as I wrote the first draft to a book. But the more books I wrote, the […]

  • I recorded a Podcast recording with Liam Gibbs yesterday (author of In a Galaxy Far Far Awry) and it went great. I feel like I learn a lot from every author I speak with. I’m excited to publish this episode in a couple of weeks. If you’re reading this and have written a couple of […]

  • I love writing and the blank page will probably never stop calling to me. But make no mistake, despite the fact that I enjoy it, it’s hard work. It’s tough to go to the blank space of a page every day and create or continue creating. There are so many things to consider every time […]

  • I thought I would put out the podcast episode I created. I recorded it a couple of weeks ago but thought twice about putting it out. Mainly because it’s tough to get authors to come on the show and talk, especially when I’m completely unknown in the creative writing field. The reason I’m pushing forward […]

  • Depending on the genre of the book I’m writing (I don’t often write non-fiction books) I’ve found spending too much time on research can bog down the writing process. Yes, research is important. How important depends on the story. If I were to write a medical drama, I wouldn’t be able to write too much […]

  • I don’t know if it was Brandon Sanderson’s University lectures, Stephen King’s book on writing or the book Show your Work, but I got this feeling today that I should write. It sounds simple, but don’t a lot of us writers struggle with it? We don’t think we have the time but when we’re sitting at the […]

  • I read a book called Show Your Work by Austen Kleon (I’ll do a more thorough review later). I don’t know if it was a specific chapter or the book in general, but I came out thinking, “That portion of my website is just another book review sight, why would anyone care?” Every published book has a […]

  • What do most published authors get asked regularly? “Where do your stories come from?” I traveled with my wife and kids to Punta Cana for a seven day vacation. You’d think seven days of water slides would result in zero story ideas. You’d be wrong. I came up with two short stories that I’ve written […]

  • I wanted to share a couple of insights that gave me an ah-hah! moment while viewing Brandon Sanderson’s video series Writing About Dragons. Brandon talked about what novels have been written, what is popular and what works and doesn’t work. In the end he concluded that you should write what you love and what you want […]