Let’s Make a Novel Project

Let’s make a novel! Where you can be part of the creative process, spark creative ideas and follow along as a novel is written.

Your part is easy – post three words on Twitter or Facebook that is linked to Let’s Make a Novel and hashtag #markpjnadon #letsmakeanovel #novelideas. I’ll pick three words every week and use them to add 500 words to the current novel. The novel will be posted here on my website as each part is added.

You can use three words to describe something (candle on table, butler did it) or three words I have to somehow incorporate into the story (apple, pink, traitor). You can submit ideas every week, and as many at one time as you want (remember I only have to pick one set of three words).

If I pick your three words, you’ll also get to choose your adventure by deciding where the story goes from there (two options to choose from)

My job is to write a full length novel, adding a piece at a time every week (roughly). I have no idea yet what the genre might be or what I’ll write about. This is a fly by the seat of my pants project.

I reserve the right to edit and change the story as I go along, keeping the initial words intact (no writer has ever published his/her first draft). So if 10,000 words into the story I decide to change part of the story to a traitor poisoned me with an apple coated in pink sugar candy, I can. As long as I keep apple, pink and traitor within the same 500 word spread.

Keep in mind despite your part in the process (three words), should I ever seek publication unfortunately you have no rights to the book.

Full Story

Click here for the full story as it’s being developed.