Book Reviews

I love to read and why not give credit where it’s due? I’ll be giving my opinion on the books that I read as I read them. I enjoy books from fiction and non-fiction and in all genres. One day I’ll read a book on motivation, the next on fitness and the next a science fiction horror. You just don’t know what I’ll read next, but you’ll know what I think of it afterward.

I’ve recently decided to revamp the way I do book reviews. There is no shortage of negative or positive book reviews which give a quick synopsis then a general opinion. Instead of being another one of those, I’m going to post about the books I’ve read and what I’ve learned from them. Maybe I learned something about writing, life, family, love – intended by the author or not. That’s what I’m going to share – those positive moments that made me smile, or woke me up and made me think about the world around me.